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    Qualified subcontractor

    In our premises in Frillesås we have modern factory where we manufacture and assemble products for the electronics industry, electrical installations, lifting aids etc. Our ultramodern range of machinery with a high degree of automation provides flexible and cost-effective manufacturing. Our collaboration with our customers’ development projects enables cost-efficient production. A well developed quality assurance [...]

  • partner


    Skilled Partner.

    We have cutting-edge expertise working with sheet metal, especially in designs which potentially needs punching, bending and welding. Based on simple main parameters from the customer we can develop a design that we together develop further to the finished product. The combination of our design and manufacturing experience in conjunction with the customer’s detailed product [...]

  • ritning


    From drawing to finished product

    Victorsson Industries endeavours to be part of the design phase, thus delivering cost-effective manufacturing. This comprises sheet metal work in steel and stainless steel, bending and welding. We subsequently carry out the assembly work followed by any surface finishing and packaging as required. 



Our process

From design to warehousing




Modern equipment for your purposes.



Tråd & Form

Tråd & Form performs machining of metal wire in small and large series for industrial needs.

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