Design & Preparation

The design phase determines at an early stage how the component can become, for the customer,  a profitable product. We like to influence on the choice of material, investments in tools, process times, material wastage and jig/fixture costs, with the aim of achieving a cost-effective and environmentally-compatible product. Drawings are produced in SolidWorks3D and to [...]


Prototype manufacture

Pilot- and prototype manufacture for customer evaluation takes place on a daily basis in parallel with our ongoing production to ensure the quality of any future production.



We can offer to take care of the entire logistics chain for our customers in order to keep the number of interfaces to a minimum, but above all, to minimise any shortcomings in quality that might arise. It involves the following services.



In our fully automated punching plant we punch sheet steel up to 8 mm and stainless steel up to 4 mm. The machine punches, threads, stamps, deburrs and bends. The plant automatically handles both input of sheet metal and output/stacking of the scrap framework and removal of the pressed part. With our linked STOPA-warehouse the [...]



We have a complete welding set-up and primarily undertake welding in our two automatic welding machines. Naturally, our certified welders are also able to carry out all manual welding methods such as TIG and MIG/MAG.


Bending & eccentric press

After punching our edging presses await. These are available in various configurations, from simple manual machines to robotic and automated machines. The pressing department has a range of pressing forces. Piercing, bending and stamping are carried out here.


Surface treatment

After many years of collaboration with our partners, we have established a quality assured process within surface treatment that our customers are very pleased with. Besides galvanizing, pickling and powder coating, in collaboration with them we can also coat surfaces with more advanced materials.


Final assembly, packing and warehousing

Mechanical assembly, testing and final testing for certain customers is carried out in our assembly department. We then pack manufactured parts which can entail everything from palletised delivery to final packing in boxes or plastic packaging. Victorsson Industries can also offer warehousing solutions.

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